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Memory Assessment and Research Centre (MARC) Dementia Research Update:


  1. MARC Introduction

  2. MARC Clinics

  3. MARC Trainees

  4. MARC Advances




Chair: Dr Claire Gee, ST4 in OPMH, New Forest West/CRN Wessex Research Fellow at MARC

14:00 Memory Assessment and Research Centre (MARC) overview and update; Dr Brady McFarlane, Consultant in OPMH and Director of commercial trials at MARC

14:10 Trainee experience at MARC; Dr Claire Gee

14:20 Diagnostic support clinics – what MARC can offer you; Dr Jay Amin, Associate Professor in Psychiatry of Older Age at the University of Southampton.

14:30 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Advances in the pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer's Disease; Professor Clive Holmes, Professor of Biological Psychiatry at the University of Southampton and Director of academic research at MARC

15:00 Q&A

15:30 End

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