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Meet the MARC team

MARC was originally established by Dr. David Wilkinson at Moorgreen Hospital over 30 years ago. MARC now have two co-directors; Professor Clive Holmes (Professor of Biological Psychiatry at University of Southampton) is the director of academic research at MARC and Dr. Brady McFarlane (Consultant Psychiatrist in Older People's Mental Health) is director of commercial trials at MARC.

MARC logo.jpg
Memory Assessment & Research Centre Team photo 2019
The MARC team photo 2019

The MARC team:

Bottom Row: Victoria Croome, Lynn Davies, Viv Hopkins, Suzanne Dodge, Dr. Brady McFarlane, Amelia Abbott, Dr. Lena Azbel-Jackson, Annette Stevens

Top row: Isabel Lewzey, Dr. Richard Sharples, Claire Firth, Prof. Clive Holmes, Prof. Jay Amin, Rebecca Ollington

Absent: Dr. Saif Sharif, Alex Weston, Dr. Sylvie Halsey, Rachel Woodward

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