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Getting involved and benefits

Clinical trials can be pharmaceutical drugs trials or observational trials. They are the only way to understand how to diagnose, treat, cure and prevent dementia. Without trials it is impossible to learn more about memory problems. Clinical trials would be impossible without research participants.

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Each trial is dictated by the study protocol. The protocol tells researchers what they have to do for the participant to take part or complete the study. Each protocol is different and therefore the level of involvement or tasks involved is different for each study. Here are some examples of what a trial might involve:

  • Questionnaires
  • Clinical assessments
  • Measurements
  • Blood tests
  • Brain scans
  • Memory and cognition tests

Learn more about our current studies 

What are the benefits of getting involved?

  • Receive more advice, information and support
  • Receive robust general health and memory screening, and ongoing monitoring
  • By taking part, you could help future patients with dementia
  • Regular contact with an experienced and skilled multidisciplinary research team
  • Potentially take medication that may improve memory
  • Receive full physical and neurological examinations

There are two key ways of getting involved with MARC:

1. By participating in our current trials

2. By becoming a Friend of MARC

However, even if you do not think our current studies are appropriate for you right now, you can still contact us and we can tell you about any potential studies that may be appropriate in the future.

To get involved either in our trials or by becoming a Friend of MARC, you can contact us 
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