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Southampton Crisis Lounge

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The Crisis Lounge offers a safe haven for people in mental health crisis. It avoids people having to visit Southampton General’s A&E as they previously would have had to do.  

Whilst there is a psychiatric liaison service at A&E, an emergency department is not the most suitable place for people in mental health crisis or who may be experiencing highly distressing symptoms but who have no urgent physical health needs.

The Crisis Lounge reduces the risks to patients themselves, the risks to others at A&E who may be vulnerable and also reduces the risk of people leaving an A&E waiting room without even being seen or assessed. It offers a calm environment away from the noise and energy of a busy A&E department. 

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People local to Southampton who use the Crisis Lounge are able to benefit from improved and more rapid triage, assessments, interventions, advice and support. They’re cared for by mental health nurses, as well as peer supporters who have lived experience of mental illness themselves.  

By using the Crisis Lounge, people may be able to avoid an unwanted admission to an inpatient unit, instead benefitting from intensive support whilst remaining in their homes.

The Crisis Lounge is open every day from 2pm to 10pm, with the aim of becoming 24/7. 

Contact the Crisis Lounge:

Call via the AMHT (acute mental health team) on  02380 835535



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