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Specialised and Forensic services

Our specialised (also known as 'secure' or 'forensic') mental health services provide secure and intensive support for adults and young people with mental illness.

We operate these services from five main hospitals.

Three are on the Tatchbury Mount site in Calmore:

  • Bluebird House (for young people)

  • Woodhaven's Ashford Ward (for men with learning disabilities)

  • Southfield (for adults with a serious mental illness)

Our largest is Ravenswood House  in Fareham (a medium secure unit with five different wards for adults with serious mental illness). Many of the people we treat within these secure services have either committed a criminal offence or they have very challenging behaviours which need specialised care.

We also operate Leigh House in Winchester which is an adolescent psychiatric unit for 12-18 year olds, treating acute mental illnesses, such as depression, eating disorders and psychotic disorders.

In addition to our inpatient units, we operate a community-based stalking intervention programme called Recolo.

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