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After your assessment

We hope that your family and carers can be involved in your care, but this is up to you. Support from carers and loved ones when you’re feeling unwell can be a big help.

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After your assessment we will talk to you about how we can best meet your individual needs. This may include:

  • Ongoing treatment and support from the Community Mental Health Team

  • Referral to another agency

  • Referral back to your GP

  • Ongoing treatment from the Community Mental Health Team

If we find that your needs will be best met through the support of a Community Mental Health Team, we will allocate a member of the team to you. They will work with you and will act as your care co-ordinator. They will:

  • Be your first point of contact with the service
  • Listen to your opinions and wishes and help you voice them
  • Help answer your questions
  • Keep in contact with you and see you most often
  • Help you receive the right support
  • Co-ordinate all aspects of your care plan (a written document outlining your support needs from the team) and provide you with a copy
  • Arrange regular reviews of your treatment and care plan with you and your carer

    This is called the Care Plan Approach (CPA). We always try to provide our service users with choice wherever possible. If you’re not happy with your care co-ordinator or another member of staff, please contact the team manager.

Referral to another agency

Sometimes it may be more appropriate for you to receive care and support from a different service or agency. If this is the case, our team can make a referral on your behalf.

Referral back to your GP

If, following your assessment, your needs can’t be met by our teams or by another service, we will write to your GP to advise them of this. Your GP will then discuss with you what other options might be available to you.

If you do receive support from our Community Mental Health Team, we will refer you back to your GP once your health and wellbeing have improved.