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Acute Mental Health Teams

Our Acute Mental Health Teams provide intensive support for people experiencing an acute or ‘crisis’ episode during their mental illness. Also known as ‘hospital at home’ or 'crisis resolution home treatment' teams, this service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.    

We know that people usually feel safer, more relaxed and recover better when in their own homes. Even when very unwell, our support is there to help people remain independent and continue living as normal a life as possible.

Our team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists and support workers want to work with you to keep you out of hospital. However, if together we decide the best thing for you would be a short stay in hospital, we’ll make sure we find you a bed to get this support. From the start of your time in hospital, we will create a plan with you to get you back home ASAP.

Once a patient starts to feel better, no longer needing the support of our AMHT but still requiring ongoing support, they’ll be referred back to their local Community Mental Health Team.  

Contact your Local Acute Mental Health Team

North: 01256 817718 

(North 'out of hours' crisis line: 01256 376507)

East: 02392 344562

West: 01962 897726

Southampton: 023 8083 5535 023 8083 5552

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