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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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How we can help

We understand that your experience of mental illness is unique, so we have specialist teams to provide support that's tailored to you.

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Your first port of call

When you first come to us for support you will probably meet someone from an assessment team.  We talk to you and others that are involved in your care about your needs and how we can help you.

Together with you, we will create a care plan so we can support you in the best way possible. The team may support you directly if you require a short period of support (less than 12 weeks). We also involve our other teams or may give you details of other organisations that are better placed to support you.

Hampshire residents: if you live in Hampshire the Community Mental Health Assessment Team will do the assessment.  If your referral is urgent, it will be directed to the Acute Mental Health Team

Southampton residents: if you live in Southampton, one of the city’s three  Community Mental Health Teams will do the assessment. If your referral is urgent, it will be directed to the city’s dedicated Acute Mental Health Team.

Longer-term support

Your local support team provides a range of services in your community which means you will have appointments close to where you live. Typically, these teams provide support for people who have ongoing needs. This team will talk with the assessment team to share information about you and the support you need so you don't have to repeat it.

The support team is the Acute Mental Health Team and they liaise with the Community Mental Health Team. 

Intensive support in your home

A team is able to provide intensive support if you are experiencing an acute crisis. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can have short-term intensive support at home or in the community rather than being admitted to a hospital. When you start to feel better, your support may be provided by your community team once again.

This service is provided by the Acute Mental Health Team

Our hospitals

Inpatient units and hospitals provide support if you are experiencing a very severe period of mental illness and need the intensive support that only a hospital can provide.

We have hospitals throughout Hampshire which provide support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They work closely with the mental health support teams in Southampton and Hampshire so that when you start to feel better we are able help you move promptly and safely back into your own home.

How to get support from Southern Health

If you feel you need help from any of our services, you should speak to your GP first. They can talk to you in more detail about the support we can give you and can make a referral to our team if you both feel this would be helpful.

If we feel that other organisations would be better placed to support you, we may signpost you to those services.

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We want you to be involved in your care if you feel able to do so. We will help give you the tools so that you can be in the driving seat of your care.