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What to expect during your stay

The Mother and Baby Unit has been designed especially for mothers and babies, with the aim of making the surroundings as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Mother and baby unit - inside the nursery

Your room and surroundings

During your stay, you will have your own room with a bed, wardrobe, armchair and cot for your baby. Most rooms have an en-suite bathroom with bath and shower.

We also have a lounge, dining room with highchairs, a nursery room with toys, laundry and ironing room and an enclosed garden with play area.

We have a kitchen for you to prepare feeds for your baby with lockable cupboards for milk and food storage. There are also hot and cold drink making facilities for you to help yourself.

What happens on the Mother and Baby Unit?

Most mothers and babies come to the Mother and Baby unit to receive professional care from a specialist team 24/7 until they're well enough to be at home.

Some of the key differences between being treated at home and at the unit include:

  • You have professional staff for support, care and treatment at all times
  • The unit is safe, but also pleasant and comfortable
  • You're away from the usual pressures and demands you might face at home, or even the day to day demands of things like shopping and preparing meals
  • Child care practitioners can help support you and give guidance on child related issues
  • We can help you and your baby to maintain healthy routines such as regular sleep and meal patterns.


Treatments and therapies

We can also provide a full range of treatments that you may not get at home, such as:

  • Opportunities to talk through your difficulties with professionals, to get information and advice and consider possible solutions and treatments
  • Occupational therapy programmes to help you maximise your ability to do things and improve your concentration
  • Medical tests and treatment. It's sometimes easier to make necessary adjustments and changes to medication when it's being monitored on a daily basis.