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Preparing for your stay

Coming to hospital can often feel stressful and daunting. Please try not to worry. Our unit has been designed with mothers and babies in mind, and we will try and make the admission experience as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Mother and baby

What to bring

Please bring clothes, toiletries and washing powder for your stay. We have washing and drying facilities on site.

For your baby, please bring:

  • Clothing
  • Nappies
  • Baby's toiletries
  • Sterilising solution
  • Bottle brushes
  • Bibs
  • Personal Child Health Record (red book)
  • Bottles
  • Teats
  • Formula milk
  • Packet food (if you're using it)

Food can be pureed for weaning babies in our kitchen.

If you want to bring electrical items such as a hairdryer, radio or steam steriliser, this will need to be checked by our electricians before you can use them - our staff will help organise this.

When you arrive

On arrival a receptionist will call the unit and a member of staff will come to greet you.

We'll then show you to your room, take you on a tour of the unit and introduce you to others in the team. One particular member of staff will be your named nurse (but we're all here to help).

A member of our team will have a chat with you to get to know you and your current situation. We will make a plan with you about how best to help and support you while on the unit.

The ward doctor will also see you to check through any medication issues and tests.

The consultant psychiatrist involved in your care will see you within your first week of admission.  

Being involved in your own care

As well as feeling welcomed and informed, we also want you to feel involved in every aspect of what we are trying to do to help.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any aspect of your care, please don't hesitate to approach any member of staff. Even if we can't respond straight away, we will listen and take everything you say seriously.

Each week you'll be invited to a ward round meeting to contribute to your care planning.

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