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Information for friends and family

Mothers and their babies need as much support and help from friends and families as possible, particularly if they're suffering from mental health problems.

Dad and baby

Visiting hours

Women on the Mother and Baby Unit may be very unwell and need time for rest and treatment, as well as time for themselves and for their relationship with the baby. We therefore have visiting hours during which families are very welcome.

We understand that it may also be necessary for visits to be arranged outside these hours - talk to a member of staff if you need to do this. Please avoid bringing valuables - we can't guarantee their security.

  • Monday - Friday: 11.30am-8pm
    (Please avoid visiting between 3pm-4pm)  

  • Weekends: 10am-8pm  

Keeping you involved

We are very keen to keep close family and friends informed and involved in the care we provide.

At the same time, we also have a duty of confidentiality, which means we're not allowed to reveal any information we have about our patients or their care without their agreement.

There are some situations where we have to decide as professionals whether this rule can be broken in the best interests of our patients. This can only happen in special circumstances.

Generally, this doesn't cause any difficulties, but if there is a problem in answering enquiries involving close family and friends, we will try to explain why this is. Please bear with us while we try to overcome any difficulties that may arise.

Support and advice

We realise that this can be a very difficult and stressful time for close friends and family too. We are here to offer support and advice. We've got information for partners and family - just ask a member of staff for a copy.

We also know that this is a time when partners can develop stress related health problems themselves. It's important that partners and other close family have support from their own friends and family, and if necessary, seek help and advice from their GP.

Carers assessment

If it's appropriate, partners can undergo a carers assessment. Speak to a member of staff if you'd like to find out more about the assessments. You can also check our carers pages.