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What to expect during your treatment

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a member of staff who will take some basic details from you such as your name, address, date of birth and details of your next of kin.

Parklands Hospital, Basingstoke

A nurse and a doctor will then see you and you’ll be asked about events leading up to your admission. This is a chance to get your views and for us to better understand how our service may help meet your needs.

You’ll also receive a standard physical examination by a doctor so that we can help monitor any physical health problems.  

During your stay

During your stay a member of staff will work with you to develop your care plan, which focuses on promoting your recovery and discharge from hospital.

We will have one-to-one time with you to discuss how you’re feeling and listen to any issues you want to raise.

We offer a range of therapies and treatments during your stay for example Psychological (‘talking’) therapies can help you to explore different ways of thinking or behaving in order to help you cope more effectively, once you are discharged.

And Occupational therapy staff will assess your ability to manage daily living activities and help you work towards your goals.  

What if I want to leave?

If you consented to your admission and decide you want to leave, a doctor will meet with you to assess whether it’s safe for you to be discharged. If we have concerns about your safety then we have a duty of care to detain you until we feel you are safe. If we feel you’re safe enough to leave, but we still have concerns, we will ask you to fill in a ‘discharge against medical advice’ form.

If you’ve been admitted under the Mental Health Act, you will be given information about your rights. You have a right to appeal if you disagree and it’s important that you tell us if you want to do this.

When you’re ready to leave

We will discuss your discharge from the hospital at an early stage in your stay. This is because we are keen to help you get home as soon as you’re well enough. Before you are discharged we will carefully plan the care you will need once you’re at home

Family, friends and carers

Your team will tell you about visiting hours and arrangements for your unit.

Throughout your stay we hope that your family and/or friends will be involved in your care, but this is up to you. We will only disclose information to family/friends with your consent or in exceptional circumstances when your safety may be at risk.

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