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Who are we?

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We are the Learning Disability Service.

We work with adults who have had a learning disability since childhood and

  • find it hard to understand new or difficult information       

  • find it hard to learn new skills

  • find it hard to cope independently

LD Who we are

We will support you to make choices about your health needs. They will be called your health goals.

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We will work with you on your health goals.

We have Community Learning Disability Health Teams in

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If you are not sure which Team to contact please use our GP Directory Finder.

We have a team that provides support for people with behaviours that challenge, it is called the Intensive Support Team (IST). Your Community Learning Disability Team will refer you if needed.

We have an Inpatient Service

Links to other services in the Trust

Strategic Health Facilitators

Health Facilitators

Our Strategic Health Facilitators work across Hampshire and Southampton. Find out more about their role.

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