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Learning Disability Awareness Week 15 - 21 June 2020

Learning Disability Awareness Week 2020

Learning Disability Awareness week picture

All resources launched during the Learning Disability week have been transferred to the Health Information page.

This years learning disability week was  different to previous years given the  COVID 19 situation but we are pleased to report it was a great success. Staff in the Learning Disability Teams produced a range of videos, information and events to engage with people who use our services to provide them with information in a range of formats and topics. This page was created which had lots of information on to help and support people during this time. The site had our own published information and gave links to other useful information from other sites.

Videos were produced on

As well as a Makaton video from Southampton City CLDT.

To round the week off a Learning Disability Awareness Week Coffee Morning took place. There were members from our Learning Disability Experience Team (LDET)  as well as members from our Community Learning Disability Teams. On the call people were able to talk and share ideas. Everyone said they had really enjoyed it and had a great time. On reflection it felt really good to have an opportunity to come together and support of Learning Disability Awareness week.

Work around these areas continues, all our resources are being transferred to our health information page.

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