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Improving Physical Health of People with Learning Disabilities

We have different tools we use to improve people’s health.

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Our aims are

  • to help people to be as healthy as they can be


  • to help other services help people with learning disabilities to be healthy

This page tells you about the tools we have to meet the physical health needs of people with learning disabilities who use our service in the community.

Staff who work in the community have made some tools which have helped to meet the physical health needs of people with learning disabilities. These were made with some of our patients, carers and families and are used within our services.

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Tools for improving Physical Health - Grab Guide

This guide was made in partnership with NHS Improvement and can be found on their website. The documents that are listed in the above grab guide can be found below.

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Medication side effects screening

The side effects scale/checklist for Antipsychotic Medication (SESCAM) (Adapted from Bennett et al (1994)) can be used by both the clinician and the person and works alongside the easy read  ‘Am I happy with my medicine?’ booklet.  

Soft Signs

This tool was made to be used with the involvement of family carers so that observable signs of deteriorating health specific to the person are captured. The information is taken with the person, to be used by those who support them after discharge.

Understanding Health Procedures

The team use the Social StoryTM approach to support peoples understanding of required health procedures, and to try to help prepare them for what to expect. Other approaches such as desensitization and supporting services to make reasonable adjustments.

We have developed some examples of Social StoryTM here. These are made for the patient to meet their needs.

- Going for an ECG

- Going to the hospital to have a toenail treated

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Find out more about GP Friendly Practices and other resources

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