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Coronavirus COVID 19

How we are supporting staff and service users

You may have seen some worrying media reports and information about the treatment of people with a Learning Disability during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has caused some very understandable anxiety for service users and staff alike. We take the care and treatment of service users and colleagues with any learning disability very seriously. We want to be very clear about our position when supporting service users and staff with a learning disability:

You will receive exactly the same treatment and support from the Trust as any other individual using our services or any other employee.

We will not discriminate or offer different levels of care or support if you have a learning disability. We will also do all we can to advocate for you to ensure you receive the same level of care from any other service provider. Depending on your needs, we will support you to understand the situation so you can stay safe.

Here are some of the ways we have been supporting people: 

  • The Learning Disability teams have increased their communications around Coronavirus to service users, families and care providers.

  • The teams have produced easy read information including infection control, excising and activities to take part in. This information is below.

  • Appointments have been adapted to online video calls via Visionable where appropriate.

  • Short videos of exercises, activities and health and wellbeing resources for service users have been created. These videos allow service users to create their own exercise whilst in isolation. The teams have also planned a video that focuses on understanding Coronavirus and the measures in place (this is a peer led video by the services users).

Easy Read: Coronavirus - COVID 19

Covid easy read picture.png

Here is some information about Coronavirus  - COVID 19

Hospital passports.png

If you need to go to hospital Please make sure that you have completed a Hospital Passport (for Hampshire Hospitals, Southampton General Hospital or QA in Portsmouth)

You can also choose to complete additional information: 


Videos for you to watch

Find out about other health information

Activities to do in Lockdown

What you can do if you are worried

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