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 In these groups we talk about our service.

  • You tell us what is good about our service

  • You tell us what we can change about our service to make it better

  • You tell us what is missing in our service

Most groups meet monthly and work in their local Community Learning Disability Team making easy read documents, giving feedback on services and presenting their work within the Trust.

We have these groups because we want to make our service the best it can be and we need your help to do this.  

Transforming our Learning Disability Services!

At the start of 2019, we had two workshops to talk about how we could improve our service. We invited service users, carers, their families and our staff to find out what you all thought.

Read more about how we are going to change our service.  You can also find out more about this project here. We'll give you regular updates as things progress.


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Southern Health Stars Award Form 

This is for you to tell us about a member of Southern Health staff who has been really great and you think should have a chance of winning an award. Tell us on the form what they did that is really amazing. You will need to print the form and send it back to us by post.   

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