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Meet the team

Lance Beatty, Clinical Services Manager

Lance Beatty is the Orthopaedic Service Manager, and the clinical lead for spines. He has extensive clinical experience in the assessment and management of orthopaedic spinal conditions. He partakes in the virtual spinal clinic based at Southampton University hospital and has close links with the spinal surgeons. Lance worked closely with a spinal consultant in the Bournemouth area before moving to Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. He leads the service in the management of spinal pain.

Dr Greg Warner, Medical Lead

Dr Greg Warner is our Orthopaedic Physician. He has been a GP in Romsey since 1990. Alongside this he has developed a career in musculo-skeletal medicine and sports medicine. He has worked as a doctor in professional football since 1996. He completed his MSc in sports medicine in 2005. 

He was recently appointed as an Orthopaedic Physician and joint clinical lead to the Orthopaedic Choice team very much leading on the medical governance for the service, providing expertise and guidance. He has a passion for teaching musculo-skeletal medicine to medical students and fellow GPs alike.

Dr Neil Langridge, AHP Lead

Dr Neil Langridge is the Consultant Allied Health professional for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and is a physiotherapist by profession. He clinically leads the musculo-skeletal service allied health professionals which include physiotherapists, occupational therapists and podiatrists. His clinical work concentrates mainly in the management of spinal problems; he also leads the service for audit, education and research. He holds a clinical doctorate and an MSc in musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Michael Ord, clinical specialist physiotherapist

Michael Ord is a clinical specialist physiotherapist with a special interest in knees and shoulders.

He began work for Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust in 2004 and has recently taken on the role of lower limb team lead for Orthopaedic Choice. Mike has a long history of experience in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions. He has attained his competence to inject a number of years ago and also holds in addition to his Physiotherapy degree a BSc in Sports science.

Simon Smith, Upper-Limb Team Lead

Simon Smith is currently supporting the upper-limb team leadership. Simon holds a diploma in injection therapy and is a member of the society of orthopaedic medicine and has completed a number of modules at master’s level at the University of Southampton. He is a hand specialist and has worked closely with orthopaedic consultants for many years. Simon continues to see complex patient in a rehabilitation environment as well as orthopaedic triage.

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Orthopaedic Choice

Contact Details:
Jackie Street - Admin Lead
07901 916276

Neil Langridge, AHP Lead
07887 568729

Lance Beatty, Clinical Services Manager
07917 596025

Dr Greg Warner, Medical Lead
07887 744258

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