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Falls Prevention Specialist Nursing

We work with older people who have fallen, or who are at risk of falling, to help them regain their independence and confidence  and reduce the risk of falling in the future.

Elderly female patient with nurse

Osteoporosis (a condition which causes weakening of your bones) is a huge problem for older people. Fractures sustained through a fall can cause pain, disability and loss of independence.

Get access to this service

Contact your GP or health professional to request a falls assessment. You will initially be seen by one of our nurses or therapists, and may be referred on to another healthcare professional for treatment.

How we can help

Falls aren't a normal part of getting older and many falls can be prevented. They can be caused by a variety of factors, such as:

  • Low blood pressure

  • Poor vision

  • Loose rugs or carpet

  • Cluttered pathways

  • Unsteady balance

  • Weak muscles

We work with health and social care professionals to ensure that all staff are aware of the problem of falls for older people. Every older person who has had a fall will be offered an assessment to identify the reasons for the fall and offered  advice and treatment to prevent further falls.

Falls prevention classes - 'Steady and Strong' 

In partnership with other health services and local councils, we run falls prevention exercise classes for people with poor balance. The classes are organised into two types:

Level 1 - led by our nursing and therapy staff, this class aims to help improve your strength, balance and confidence. These classes are also a chance to get information and advice about avoiding falls and the best ways to get up from the floor after a fall. The classes last for around an hour a week over 10-12 weeks and you will also be provided with exercises to do at home.

Level 2 - these classes are provided by accredited exercise instructors in different community venues. There is no limit on your attendance of these classes and we encourage you to join and continue going to help you maintain your strength and balance. There is a small charge for Level 2 classes.  

The specialist falls prevention team offer community falls assessment clinics in GP practices, sheltered housing and other community venues.

We also run falls awareness events in partnership with other organisations such as National Falls Awareness Week in June, World Osteoporosis Day in October, and provide talks to older people’s forums and clubs.

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