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Specialist Nursing

Our specialist nurses provide expert care and advice as and when you need it.  

Gina Winter-Bates and Paula Hull

Who is this service for?

Some of the specific conditions or health issues we help support include: 

Get access to this service

In most cases, your GP or health professional will be able to refer you to our specialist nursing services. There are some services that accept self-referral. Please check the links above.

How we can help

We aim to promote and maintain your independence at the level you want, for as long as you need until you reach independence and can manage your own condition . We want you to have a good quality of life, and will work with you to find ways for you to reach your personal goals.

You told us that you wanted our specialist nurses to provide you with a personal service that was individual to you. We see you as a person, not a condition or disease and will work closely with you to ensure the service we provide supports you in your individual needs.

Our nursing teams can support you during the key stages of your condition. This may include: :

  • Diagnosis – we can help you, and your family or carers, to better understand your condition, what you might be able to expect as well as advice on guidance on where you can get help and support.

  • Maintenance – we can help you find ways of managing your condition and any associated symptoms.

  • Crisis – we can support you when you’re more acutely unwell to help you regain your wellbeing and independence.

  • End-of-life care – if you have a terminal illness, we can help you live as well as possible until you die, as well as provide support for your family and loved ones.   

We work closely with other services in the Trust, such as our community care teams and community hospitals. We can help you to find the right services and support to meet your needs to ensure you continue to get the right level of care. 

Our specialist nursing services may not be available in every area, but we’re continuing to work with our stakeholders to ensure that we’re able to help in the areas

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You’ll find contact details for most of our nursing services on the links on this page.