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MRI Scan

An MRI (magnetic resonancy imaging) scan  is a way to obtain high quality images by using a powerful magnet and radio waves. An MRI scan creates highly detailed images of the inside your body, such as your brain, spine and joints.

Lymington New Forest Hospital scanner is one of the latest and quietest scanners available.

MRI scanner at Lymington Hospital

Before your scan

Please remove all of your jewellery before your scan. If possible, you should also wear clothing that doesn’t have metal fasteners or zips – this way you won’t have to change into a gown. We will ask you to fill in a safety questionnaire before your scan to make sure that this type of scan is suitable for you.

The scanner is a tube that’s approximately 4 feet long had has a moveable couch which can slide inside the cylinder shaped scanner.

During your scan

You will be asked to lie on the couch and we will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. The part of your body being examined will be placed in the middle of the scanner. You will either have to go into the scanner feet first or head first, depending in which part we are scanning.

The scanner is open ended, so you won’t be completely enclosed. You will be given a call button with which you can call a member of staff at any time.

A scan usually takes around 30 minutes to complete, depending on what part of your body is being examined. You will need to lie very still. The machine is quite noisy and will make knocking or buzzing sounds throughout. We can supply you with ear plugs if you want them, although the scanner is not noisy enough to make them necessary.

Getting your results

You won’t be able to get your results straight away, as the pictures need to be carefully reviewed by one of our consultant radiologists.

You will need to make an appointment with the health professional who referred you for the scan to discuss the results. The results are usually available within a few days of your scan.

You can find out more about what to expect during an MRI scan by downloading our patient information leaflet.

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