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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Integrated Care Teams are made up of a wide variety of staff who can provide a range of different services.   

A female member of staff in nursing uniform


Sometimes referred to as ‘district nursing’ our community nurses provide care and support for patients who are housebound. We also help people whose care can only be delivered at home, or in a specialist clinic.

As well as general nursing care, we also have teams of specialist nurses who provide focussed, expert care for particular conditions or health problems, such as continence, diabetes, heart failure and Parkinson’s Disease. Check out specialist nursing page for more information.

Crisis intervention

If you become unwell, our crisis intervention service can provide you with short term support to prevent you going into hospital, or to speed up your discharge from hospital. We can visit up to three times a day. Once your health begins to improve, we can arrange longer term support if you need it.


If you need longer term support with rehabilitating after an illness, fall or injury, we can provide physiotherapy and occupational therapy in your home to help you rehabilitate. This can include services like falls prevention classes, art therapy and equipment advice. 

Virtual Ward

If your illness means there might be a chance you need hospital care over the next year or so, our virtual ward team can provide extra care and support to avoid you having to go to hospital.

This treatment and care usually provided in your own home and we work closely with you and your GP to make sure your condition is carefully monitored.

Ways you can help us

If we’re visiting you in your home, there are ways you can help us, including:

  • Make sure you have liquid soap and a clean towel or kitchen towel so we can wash our hands (reducing the risk of spreading infection)

  • Refrain from smoking when we’re providing care and treatment

  • Make sure large or anxious dogs are shut away before we arrive

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