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Community Diabetes Service - South East

We help empower adults to manage their diabetes through education, support and training.

A GP and male patient having his blood pressure taken
Who is this service for?

You will normally manage your diabetes with the support of your GP or practice nurse.  However, if you have poor control of your sugar (glycaemic) levels, or have diabetes related complications you may require additional support from our service alongside your primary care giver. 

Your annual diabetes review will take place with your GP and practice nurse.  If you, or your care team, have any concerns following this review, they can contact us directly.

The specialist team at Queen Alexandra Hospital provide services for Pregnancy, Renal, Transition from paediatrics to adult services, Foot, Inpatients andType 1 and pump clinics.

Get access to this service

We do not look after patients entirely ourselves, but provide an intermediate service to support your GP, practice or community nurses in helping you to manage your diabetes.  We provide education for patients and also for healthcare professionals to  enable them to provide the care that you deserve.

How we can help

We help support you, your family and carers by providing education and guidance on managing diabetes.  We also provide educational support for primary care staff, such as GP’s or practice nurses.

Our team includes diabetes specialist nurses and consultants with links to specialist dietitans and podiatry.

We run free courses for people with Type 2 diabetes across South East Hampshire.  These courses can help you to learn more about your condition and manage it more effectively.  It’s also an opportunity to meet other people with diabetes and to ask questions or voice concerns.

Find out more about our Type 2 education