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What does the Pain Management Team do?

Whenever we can, we hope to be able to find ways of relieving the pain. With chronic pain conditions it is often not possible to find a cure but we can often find ways of reducing the pain to a lower, more bearable level. This can be by finding more effective medical treatments but it can also be achieved by helping our patients to make changes in the way that they manage their pain.

“Pain Management” is much more than “pain relief”. It involves not only focusing on the pain itself but also working on the “damage” that pain can do. Pain impacts on many areas of life: health, mobility, work and finances, emotions, relationships, sleep and hobbies and leisure activities. We may not be able to get rid of the pain but we hope to “shrink the pain” and help you to live a life that you find meaningful and worthwhile despite the pain.

We try to tailor our service to the needs of the individual. The initial assessment appointment can be with any member of the team and sometimes there may be two members of the team. After the assessment appointment, some patients are discharged. Sometimes this can be because the person needs another service but sometimes it is because we cannot really add anything new. Most patients are likely to be offered one or more follow-up appointments and may continue to attend our service for a few months or, in some case, for longer periods. We try to ensure that each appointment is with the most relevant member of the team.

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