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Healthy Eating

Whilst you are growing up it is an important time to develop a healthy body and healthy habits. 

Children eating

We all need food for our bodies to work, however if we eat more food than our body needs we will become overweight.


Think about portion sizes

It is important to be aware of portion sizes when thinking about a healthy diet. When we are younger we have much smaller stomachs than adults so you do not need the same size meal as adults. Physical activity and exercise can be helpful to help maintain a healthy weight alongside healthy eating. You should be doing physical activity for 60 minutes or more a day.

Five a day

It is recommended that you should have five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and fibre which are essential for bodies to remain healthy and to prevent diseases in later life. For more information visit the NHS Choices website  or the Change for Life website.

Healthy lunches

When you are choosing your lunch at school try and choose healthy options such as sandwiches, fruit, milk and yoghurt. If you are choosing foods such as pizza and chips try and only have them once in the week. Avoid too many fizzy or energy drinks as these have lots of sugar and caffeine and can lead to weight gain, tooth decay and problems sleeping. Instead opt for water based drinks such as water or squash.

Keeping hydrated

It is important that you drink around 6 – 8 drinks per day to ensure that you are properly hydrated. Water based drinks are best. Research has shown that children who are able to drink water during the school day have fewer headaches, are more relaxed and are more able to concentrate.

School Nurses

Contact your nearest School Nurse

Useful Information

Teen weight wise (British Dietetics Association)

Me size meals - your guide to a healthy and active family (Change 4 Life) 

School Food Trust

MEND (Healthy lifestyle programme)

Couch to 5K - NHS webpage


Useful Apps

Couch to 5K - NHS App information