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Southern Health 70 years of the NHS; 1948 - 2018
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Young People

The School Nursing Service works together with you and your family to make sure that you can remain healthy and active at school, at home and in your community.

Teenage boy and girl talking

Our webpages provide health information and links to websites that we feel may be helpful to you.

I want to speak to a School Nurse

School Nurses are able to offer you confidential advice and support should you need it.  If you have a health worry and would like some help please contact your school nursing team or GP. Some schools will have a confidential health drop-in in school which you are able to access.


Confidentiality means that information you tell us will not be shared with parents, teachers and others without your consent. We will always encourage you to discuss any worries that you have with your parent/ carer. If we are worried about your safety or the safety of others information may need to be shared with your knowledge to keep you safe.