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School entry review

All children will be offered a health review during their first year at school. This includes basic hearing and distance vision screening tests and height and weight measurements for the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP). 

Young girl having height measured by school nurse

Parents/Carers are not routinely invited to attend the new entrant health screening. If you request to consult with the School Nurse a member of the School Nursing Team will contact you.

All results will be forwarded to parent/carers and can be added to the child’s parent held record.

Health questionnaire

Parent/carers are asked to complete a health questionnaire for their child at school entry. If any concerns are raised the School Nursing team may contact the parent/carer to discuss further. 

Vision screening test

The school entry vision screening test aims to find out how much a child can see when naming or matching letters using separate eyes. 

If a child has difficulty seeing the letters, their vision will need to be checked by an eye specialist for a further assessment.

It is advisable that parents/carers inform school staff if their child has a vision problem so that any modifications can be made to aid their learning in school. For example they can be seated near the white board if appropriate.

Children and young people in full-time education are entitled to receive free vision assessment at an optician should parent/carers have any concerns.

A hearing screening test

This tests how well a child can hear. If any concerns are identified we will notify parents/carers and a referral may be made for a further audiological assessment. Please note that colds can have an effect on a child’s hearing. 

If a hearing problem is undetected it can affect a child’s progress with speech, attention and literacy skills. Noisy environments may mean that it is difficult for the child to hear well.

If your child has any difficulty hearing it is therefore important to let your child’s class teacher know so that they are able to sit them near to the teacher or where there are less sounds to distract them. It may also be necessary for them to have instructions repeated during a lesson.

Height and weight measurement

As part of the school entry review children are weighed and measured to check that they are growing healthily and to identify any growth problems.

Children in Reception and Year 6 are weighed and measured as part of the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), which is an important element of the Government’s work programme on childhood obesity.

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