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Looking after me

Looking after yourself as a parent or carer is important. Managing all the demands of parenting and everything else that's going on around you can be stressful.  

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Being a parent is probably the most exciting and emotional time of anybody's life. Making sure you're ok will mean that you'll be doing your best for your child.

Healthy eating is important and does not need to take up too much time. Try cooking more than you need and freeze a couple of extra portions for another day. Tinned and frozen fruit and vegetables are quick to prepare, and they count towards your five portions a day. Choose vegetables that can be eaten raw – for example, carrots and celery – and snack on these between meals if you feel hungry. Remember, steaming is a healthy and quick way to cook vegetables, meat and fish.

Keeping active: When you're feeling tired, being active or taking more exercise may seem like the last thing you need. Activity can relax you, improve your fitness, and make you feel better and more energetic.

Support networks: Meeting new people takes confidence, but it's worth it. Being able to share the ups and downs of parenting with other people in the same situation will help you cope with the difficult times and make the good times better. Children centres provide lots of information on what’s going on in your area.

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and you may find managing daily activities more difficult than you had done previously.  You may feel you need some support with parenting or with your own health and wellbeing- asking for help does not mean you are a failure and it can make a big difference.  For personalised advice and signposting contact your local health visiting team.