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Family Life

Family life

Life events and young children

Life events such as the arrival of a new sibling, death of a loved one, divorce/separation and even moving house can have a huge impact on a young child.  Many young children will experience difficulties in managing the feelings and emotions they may experience and will require support and reassurance.  Young children can often appear overwhelmed and confused; their reactions may be unexpected or surprising and may even seem inappropriate.  It may be difficult to know how to support your child if you are also trying to manage your own emotions -  support is available. Children at this age need to feel able to talk about how they are feeling. When they ask questions they will need to be given clear, simple information to help them make sense of what is happening. 

You may wish to contact your Health Visitor for support, however there are many resources to help you and your child. For some of these see our Useful information section.

We try and make sure all our links are still working and that the information is accurate. Please contact us if this is not the case, or you have found some information/support groups which may help a young child/person who is experiencing emotional difficulty resulting from a major life event.