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From 2 years until your child starts school

This section focuses on children from two years to school entry. This is a time of rapid developmental change and lots of opportunities for new adventures, possibly starting at nursery, pre-school or with a childminder. 

This section provides information on how to access services that support you and your child at this time, tips to manage some of the challenges associated with toddlers and how to help your child get ready for school.


What to expect from the Health Visiting service:

Depending on the individual needs of your own family and your child, you may or may not have had contact with the health visiting service since your child’s 1 year health review.

The 2 year health review

All children aged between 2 and 2.5 years are offered a health review by the health visiting team. The Health Review is provided as part of the Healthy Child programme. We work closely with your childcare provider and you will be asked to share the results with them; they will complete the Early Years education part of the 2 year review.  

If your child does not attend an Early Years setting you will still be offered an appointment with the Health Visiting team who can also support you with the 2 year free nursery offer if needed.

The 2 year health review is not a “test” but an opportunity to discuss your child’s achievements as well as any areas of difficulty or concerns that you might have. The review focuses on development, health, wellbeing and provides an opportunity to share information on healthy eating, dental care and accident prevention to help you  prepare for your child’s next stages of development.  We know that without support small problems can grow into big ones. This appointment provides an opportunity to review at your child's development, discuss any concerns that you may have and identify any additional support that your child may need. 

You will be sent an Ages and Stages questionnaire with your appointment letter.  Before your appointment have fun with your child trying the activities and make a note of what you see and anything that you would like to discuss at the appointment. Please complete as much as you are able. Do not worry if your child is unable to complete all the activities, we will go through this with you at your appointment.

If your child has a disability, additional needs or a condition which affects their health and future education, you will be offered an appointment with a Health Visitor to discuss your family's individual circumstances and any support needs that your child has.  

Please bring your child's Personal Child's Health Record Book (Red Book) with you.

We are here to help if you are worried about your child’s health or development at any age before they start school. You do not need to wait for a health review appointment, please contact your local health visiting team for advice and support.