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Parental Feedback

Parental Audit

Our Health Visiting Teams strive to provide a service that is valued by and valuable for parents.  

To maintain our high standards we are keen to receive  feedback from you and welcome this via  a number of ways  through questionnaires, audits, attendance at events, clinics and groups and your involvement in planning and creating new resources.

This page is dedicated to providing you with some information on information received and changes we have made  following your feedback:- 

Mother using telephone
  • Of the new mothers who have received this call 79% said the call was either extremely or very useful.
  • 88% of women were called by their named Health Visitor with 93% stating this was important to them
  • “I was very impressed with my HV and her a quick action in following up my feeding issues"
  • “Very timely as my HV answered my questions for “
  • Of the women who received the call 36% mother infant dyads had ongoing feeding issues necessitating intervention and further action
  • In breastfeeding week in June 2016 the focus was on community support . We used this week to find out from you how we can continue to support you with your breastfeeding and how we can improve our services
  • 160 families across Hampshire completed our Infant Feeding Survey
  • ‘You said’… you did not know where your local groups were located .’we did’ …added clearer information in the Parent Held Record Book ; more details on our website and clearer posters to advertise our services
  • ‘You said’…in some areas of Hampshire you would like clinics with infant feeding support on different days of the week ….’we did’ listen and have made changes to some of our Child Health Advice Clinics -. Please read here how the Waterlooville Health Visiting Team have responded to this.
Following the closure of local children's centres and the feedback from service users, a new Child Health Advice Clinic was set up in Waterlooville Community Centre in October 2016. Service users had previously had concerns about the waiting time being too long in other clinics, therefore we have set up a self-weigh area, which has reduced waiting times dramatically. Another concern was that clinics were not on weekly,so we have ensured this clinic is on a regular time and day every week. The clinic is in a large hall, so there is plenty of space.Parents/carers have the choice to see a Health Visitor for advice or to use the self-weigh area, we also have lots of leaflets and resources available.We have also had the support of a Breastfeeding Network peer support volunteer who is able to provide breastfeeding advice alongside the Health Visiting Teams’ Community Nursery Nurses. There is 2 hours of free car parking and a community café is also running in the building. Although still in its infancy, the clinic has received lots of positive feedback from service users. Amanda May, Clinical Team Lead for Waterlooville Health Visiting.

  • New mum’s have made suggestions and proofed our newly created Survey Monkey
  • ‘You said’ …….it was too focused breastfeeding….’we did’……altered the questions and wording to give bottle feeding mums a greater chance to share their views
  • You said’…it was too wordy ’we did’ make changes in the format and terminology

In January 2017 84 parents completed our online questionnaire to let us know  how they felt about the infant feeding  support received  and here are the main points :-

  • almost 73% of babies were receiving some breastmilk
  • the majority of women heard about their group/  clinic from the Health Visiting  (77%)
  • 32% of women planned on providing breastmilk until 6 months.
  • Other significant people supporting breastfeeding included
  1. partner,
  2. health professional,
  3. family member
  4. friend


  • 90% of comments were positive relating to the advice and support
  • 95% said they would recommend their  group/ clinic to friends and family 
  • the results have been shared with all the health Visiting Teams  with a plan to repeat this questionnaire in June/ July 2017

A big THANK YOU to all parents who took the time to let us know how we are doing, it is appreciated and it does help us to continue to improve our service . 

Personal Child Health Record Book (Red Book)
  • We updated this resource this year and have asked new parents what they think about this new information
  • 20 parents completed our on-line questionnaire. Results indicate that
75% found the Parents' Guide to the Infant Feeding Policy useful
100% found the page “ How to know if my baby is breastfeeding well” useful
89% found the page “Top tips for breastfeeding” useful
60% found the page “Top tips for bottle feeding useful”
79% found the page “Understanding healthy weights” useful
73% found the page “Tips for toddlers and older children” useful
additional requested information included more detail on

·bottle feeding - infant formula volumes

·introduction of solids

some parents had not accessed the information as did not know it was in their Red Book

  • The action we have taken is to:

promote the current pages to parents. As we only have an opportunity to update pages on an annual basis we are signposting parents to other resources for introducing solids including

our website

Start4Life, NHS Choices and First Step Nutrition publications

  • We are monitoring the number of visits to our website page and have noted a significant increase as parents are becoming more aware of this resource
  • We will discuss further changes in our Personal Child Health Record Book working party which is a joint initiative with our Solent NHS Trust and Midwifery colleagues
New Forest Show

New Forest Show  -  summer 2016 

  • The New Forest & Hampshire County Show is an annual three day agricultural show attracting an average of 95,000 visitors. The Show is held at the end of July in the heart of the beautiful New Forest at New Park, a 230 acre parkland site located just outside the village of Brockenhurst.
  • 600 stands on each day
  • a great opportunity for Southern Health to promote and support breastfeeding to mums when out and about, attending the New Forest Show”
Partners and Dads
  • You said’…that our services and resources did not include partners and dads enough .’we did’..
  • Our New Forest Teams have created a leaflet specifically focusing on dads and partners and how they can support the early days of parenting - Bonding for Partners Leaflet
  • We have created a small working party with new parents, partners , midwives, health visitors, children centre and voluntary colleagues…watch this space for developments
Parental Audit
As part of our Baby Friendly Accreditation we:
  • conduct telephone audits 4 times a year to find out from you about the infant feeding support you have received from the Health Visiting Service
  • are assessed every 2-3 years by external assessors from the Baby Friendly Initiative.
The information we receive helps us to continue to plan our services. We have had some very positive feedback.
  • It was useful to observe my babies’ positioning and attachment.
  • I had no concerns but it made me feel reassured.
  • Everyone has been so helpful.
  • Discussing positioning and attachment was helpful and very encouraging
  • Brilliant advice, learning new techniques and support is why I am feeding now
  • I think the most valuable visit for me was the Antenatal Visit as I learnt a lot, had an opportunity to discuss my concerns and received lots of useful leaflets. The antenatal advice has equipped me for breastfeeding my baby and enabled me to have a good feeding experience.
Additionally,  we have listened to and responded to your feedback and suggestions
      • You said……”That you did not know that you could not overfeed a breastfed baby (11%) “
      • We have provided more information on responsive feeding needs to include non-nutritive feeding
      • You said……”That you did not recall having a discussion about how being close to your baby helps with brain development (55%)”
      • We have ….provided our staff with more information on “Becoming a mother”, there are leaflets on our website for you to download and we would be happy to discuss this at any of your home and clinic visits.  Download the Building a Happy Baby leaflet 
      • You said……”That you did not  remember having a discussion on when and how to start your baby on solid foods” (40%)
      • We have …. Started to provide the Introduction to Solid food Leaflet at all  6 week postnatal visits. This means  you can start to look at this info and know you can discuss solids with any of our health visiting team as your baby approaches 6 months of age. Introduction To Solids 
      • You said……”That you would like more information on bottle feeding” We have ….added more information both in the parent held record book and on our website about safe responsive bottle feeding.

We would like to hear from you with any feedback you may have.  Please do email us with your feedback.