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Breastfeeding support service

We provide a support service for any pregnant women and  families who want to know more about, or get help with, their breastfeeding.  

How we can help

All our Health Visiting and Community Nursery Nurse Staff have been trained to be able to support women with their breastfeeding.

We also have specific staff in our teams called Breastfeeding Champions who have additional breastfeeding knowledge, skills and expertise. 

Download our Infant Feeding Leaflet which gives you information about what support we offer you and your family.  

Download our parent's guide to the Community Breastfeeding Policy.

You can also download and read our full infant feeding policy.

We work closely with midwives and local breastfeeding organisations to make sure you receive all the information and support you need to successfully breastfeed. Find out what to expect on your breastfeeding journey.

Get advice

We have lots of advice, information and links for mums-to-be and mums who have had their babies:

Welcoming breastfeeding

We welcome breastfeeding in all our facilities and are working across Hampshire to encourage cafés , restaurants  and  other public facilities to advertise their Baby Friendly Welcome too.

You can find out more about the Hampshire Breastfeeding Welcome Schemes in Eastleigh, Havant and Winchester.

Baby Friendly sign

Continued Award Winning Service

Having been the first community facility in the South East to achieve UNICEF UK's Baby Friendly Initiative Accreditation, the Health Visiting Services within Southern Health’s Children Division are celebrating after their breastfeeding services received prestigious recognition in maintained its UNICEF Baby Friendly Accreditation status. The award recognises the ongoing commitment to supporting breastfeeding mothers; and community facilities, which have adopted recognised standards of best practice in the care of mothers and babies.

UNICEF carried out a three day assessment in December 2015, involving parent and staff (including Senior Management) interviews; premises inspection and an update on training, policy and data documentation.

Accreditation Plaque - Dec 2015

Ginny Taylor, Head of Children and Family Services said: "I am thrilled with the news as it is a reflection of the hard work achieved by all members of the Health Visiting Teams in providing the service all mothers deserve to receive."

Lynn Timms, the Trust's Baby Friendly Lead commented "Receiving the re-acreditation for this prestigious award is particularly welcomed as it recognises the value of breastfeeding in terms of both nutrition and comfort whilst highlighting the importance of responsive feeding for bottle and breastfed infants. We are all delighted to have maintained our standards and will continue to work with families to continue to deliver this high service level."

The assessors were particularly impressed by the high standard of care received and reported by women; the effective training curriculum, breastfeeding welcome schemes and resourceful website information.


Children's Services Star Awards Lynn Timms

"Our pilot project for early postnatal intervention and incorporation into universal practice was also highly praised," added Lynn. "Given the size of the Trust; staff and new birth numbers, it was noted that our maintenance of standards and progress was commendable."

You can find out more about the initiative on the Unicef website. 


Senior Managers for Southern Health Foundation Trust receive the award from Anne Woods from UNICEF
Senior Managers for Southern Health Foundation Trust receive their Full Baby Friendly Accreditation Award from Anne Woods (UNICEF) on behalf of the Health Visiting Teams following their initial success in December 2014
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Download our Breastfeeding Advice poster for September

Get breastfeeding advice 

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Get breastfeeding advice
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Breastfeeding Good News Stories

Breastfeeding; A Student
Health Visitor's Personal Reflection - (courtesy of the Journal of Health Visiting)

Breastfeeding training for

Breastfeeding training with Children's Centre colleagues

Supporting a mum to
breastfeed in public

Useful contacts

There are several
organisations and charities
who can support you with breastfeeding.         


Infant feeding support

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