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Heart Failure Services, Waterlooville Health Centre
Waterlooville Health Centre Dryden Close
United Kingdom
Main phone number
02392 250743
The community  heart failure service is commissioned to manage patients with a confirmed diagnosis of left ventricular systolic dysfunction (LVSD) only 
The aim of the service is: 
Prevention: Prevent progression to more severe grades of heart failure once cardiac dysfunction is established 
Morbidity: Improve or maintain quality of life 
Mortality: Increase duration of life 
Counsel, support and educate patients and relatives about heart failure 
To ensure that appropriate management interventions are implemented 
To assess patient progress Titrate and monitor pharmacological therapy 
To anticipate complications  initiate appropriate remedial interventions 
Refer to other professionals as appropriate 
Achieved through education, patient empowerment, on-going assessment and pharmacological measures 
Referral: Anyone can refer to the service but the patient must have confirmed diagnosis of LVSD and be aware of their diagnosis 
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