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Havant and Waterlooville Community Mental Health Team
Havant Health Centre Civic Centre Road
United Kingdom
Main phone number
02392 344616
OPMH  community based service offer  support to older people living in the Havant, Hayling and Waterlooville surrounding areas (normally aged 65 or over unless presenting with  early memory deficits) who is experiencing mental health problems This might be due to an organic mental illness – this type of illness is usually caused by disease affecting the brain, for example Alzheimers dementia  In addition to a functional mental illness - this type of illness has a predominantly psychological cause, for example depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders or anxiety  Following a referral  we will carry out a specialist assessment which is designed to plan treatment or support options  An initial diagnosis may be given during the assessment or further investigations may be recommended  We see patients in their own home or at a local clinic We plan care according to individual needs  dependent upon diagnosis  Support and information is available for carers and advise on external services are available
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