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Our Services

Havant Community Mental Health Team East Early Intervention in Psychosis
51 Leigh Road
United Kingdom
Main phone number
02392 683500
The Community Mental Health Teams offer a range of treatments and therapies to support you in your recovery and you can access Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) services via these teams We want to make sure the treatment and support you receive is tailored to your individual needs Everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for someone else We want you to be able to take much greater control over the way you are treated, and will encourage you to set your own goals, priorities and hopes for the future We focus on your recovery from illness, rather than just on your treatment This approach is called the recovery principle and runs through all of the work that we do Some of the ways we can help include: 
Prescribing and managing your medication 
Psychological (talking) therapies 
Occupational therapy 
Specialist support for people experiencing psychosis 
Intensive support for people who have difficulty keeping in contact with their mental health services (assertive outreach) 
We also provide support and advice to your families or carers to help them support you (if youre happy for them to be involved – its up to you)
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