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Research helps us to make better decisions about treatments  and services

Research can help to improve services and treatments

There are many different types of research

It’s a way of gaining new knowledge


Public Involvement involves patients, carers and members of the public.

Public Involvement (PI or PPI – Patient and Public Involvement) in research is about research that is done ‘with’ or ‘by’ the public rather than‘to’, ‘for’ or ‘about’ them. (

PI .is when members of the public get actively involved in the research process. (For example, where members of the public give their advice using their lived experience or work alongside researchers on a project.)

By understanding what Public Involvement means you can make the decision whether to get involved and how you may want to be involved. 


Public Involvement is an important part of research.  It gives research an alternative view to that of the research team and NHS staff.  This is very valuable and can make a big difference to a study’s success. It is morally correct that people with lived experience of conditions and members of the public are involved in the research that concerns them.


Getting involved in research can help shape:

what research is done and how

the services and treatments being researched

As a member of the PI group you might be offered opportunities to:-

  • Be a member of a research steering committee or advisory group

  • Ensure research is asking the right questions and help select relevant topics

  • help to design research projects

  • aid in the development of  clear participant information sheets

  • aid in the development of  interview and focus group questions

  • become confident enough to undertake some of the research

  • help interpret the results of the research

  • help make sure the way research is reported in clear and understandable


No specialised knowledge or research is needed to do PI.  Lived experience or knowledge that you have gained living your life is important as everyone has a different perspective and this can all help the researcher to plan better research.  If people are interested we could run training sessions on research as required. 


The benefits of being involved through PI could be something additional to put on your CV, meeting new people, developing new skills and gaining confidence. You may find you develop positive working relationships and have fun too! It can also mean that future generations can get access to better treatments.