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How we deal with referrals

We are happy to see referrals urgently if you explain why the referral is urgent (in your letter).

Once we receive your written referral we will discuss it at our next referrals meeting. These are held every Monday morning at Ravenswood House.  Your case will be allocated to a psychiatrist.  Sometimes a senior forensic psychiatric nurse or a forensic clinical psychologist will also be involved.  

After our assessment  

After we have made our assessment we will decide what advice to give you (which might include admission) at our multi-disciplinary referrals meeting held every Monday morning. If we accept your patient for admission this does not mean immediate admission. Instead, your patient’s name will be placed on our waiting list, however, we will endeavor to admit as quickly as possible and patients are frequently admitted once the logistics of transport and MOJ permission (where required) have been resolved. Please feel free to ask what our current waiting list is at the point of referral.

If there is a need for an interim placement pending admission to Ravenswood House we will discuss this with you and the relevant primary care trust.  Admissions from our waiting list are decided at our weekly Monday referrals meeting.  We prioritise admissions according to clinical need and the clinical case mix at Ravenswood House at the time. 

If your referral is for advice only, the assessing clinician will write to you after the assessment. 
If you disagree with our assessment you should write to us stating your reasons.
We have a very well regarded training scheme for specialist registrars.  Some assessments will be undertaken by a specialist registrar supervised by a consultant.


Our Assessment standards

For the purpose of these standards, the date we accept your referral will be the date we receive all the information we need (see 'your referral letter').  Our assessment and written response might be delayed if your referral is incomplete.

  • We assess urgent referrals within five working days of acceptance.
  • We assess non-urgent referrals within 10 working days of acceptance .
  • We assess non-urgent high secure referrals within eight weeks.


We provide written responses within 10 working days of completing our assessment.



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