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Referrals to Ravenswood

We accept referrals from consultant psychiatrists in secondary and tertiary (mental health) services.

An aerial view of Ravenswood, our medium secure unit for adults with severe mental illness

We also take referrals from other medium secure units and specialised commissioners (forensic case managers and SCG's) where the care is best provided away from the service user's ''home area'', e.g., victim issues or when there are capacity issues in their local medium secure unit.

Please note that we do not accept referrals directly from primary care - these referrals should be seen by a secondary care consultant psychiatrist first.

Reasons you might refer:
  • Requests for admission (we are a medium secure psychiatric unit)
  • Requests for risk assessment (where there is a risk of serious harm)
  • Requests for advice on complex criminal cases (on mentally disordered offenders)


Your referral letter

If you want to make a written referral, you can do this by post or fax.

Your letter must contain:

  • The reason for the referral.  Please state whether you are asking for admission or advice.  In the case of referrals for advice, you must ask specific questions. You must not just request a “forensic assessment” or “risk assessment”

  • Patient identification details including their current whereabouts

  • Current offending behaviour (or a description of the aggressive or violent behaviour of concern)

  • Known patterns of offending, including criminal history

  • Psychiatric history.  You must also provide discharge summaries and other relevant reports

  • Previous and current risk information.  Although risk assessment is a reason for referral we can only undertake this if you document the relevant risk information

  • Current treatment and care plans

  • Copies of CPA documentation

  • The person to contact to arrange the assessment 

For urgent referrals, we will accept a faxed referral letter alone.  However, the letter must include an assurance that all the above documentation will be available when we assess the patient.

I would like to:

Make a referral

Please address all referrals to:

The Clinical Services Director' of the Wessex Forensic Psychiatry Service;

Ravenswood House
Mayles Lane
PO17 5NA
Fax: 01329 836 196

If you'd like advice on making a referral, please call us on 01329 836000