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Referrals to Leigh House

We provide acute psychiatric assessment, diagnosis, treatment and care for young people aged 12-18 years who are experiencing a wide range of psychiatric problems including depression and psychotic disorders. 
A young person talking to a member of staff at Leigh House

The service has particular expertise in the management of young people with anorexia nervosa. 

We aim to help young people improve their overall functioning level to a point where they are able to live in the community with the support of the referring health team, other involved agencies and their families or carers.

Interventions are evidence based and reviewed in the light of new guidance and best practice. Outcome measures we use include:

  • Health of the Nation Outcome Scale for Children and Adolescents (HoNOSCA)
  • Paddington Complexity Scale

  • Children’s Global Assessment Scale

  • Eating Disorders Inventory

  • Other standardised assessment tools.


Referrals to the service are usually made by consultant psychiatrists and are considered at a weekly multi-disciplinary meeting.  Admission is usually planned with the young person and their family or carers and consists of an initial 4-6 week period of assessment, followed by a review meeting to determine further treatment.  A written summary of the assessment is distributed to all involved.

We aim to maintain links with the community team and GP in order to achieve an effective transition on discharge for the young person.  A final report is completed and distributed within one month of discharge. 

The average length of stay for a patient is about four months. Young people and their family or carers are encouraged to plan time at home during this period

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