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Referrals And Process Prior To Admission

We welcome telephone enquiries to discuss potential referrals (both for inpatient admission and for Community Forensic Risk Assessments).

Referrals should be made in writing by a Consultant Psychiatrist to one of the Consultant Psychiatrists at Bluebird House.

The entrance to Bluebird House

Referrals received by Bluebird House will be considered in a timely way by the multidisciplinary team and, if appropriate, a full assessment will be arranged.

Following assessment cases are discussed with the multidisciplinary team at Bluebird House and also at a weekly video-conference national referrals meeting.  Following a decision to admit, arrangement will be made to admit the young person to Bluebird House.  Apart from the initial assessment fee, there is no further cost to local commissioners for an admission.

The referrer will be kept informed of progress regarding assessment and admission at all stages.

Admission Criteria

  • The young person is under 18 years of age at the time of referral

  • The young person could be detained under either Part II or Part III of the Mental Health Act 1983.


The young person presents a risk* to others of one or more of the following:

  • Direct violence liable to result in injury to people

  • Sexually aggressive behaviour

  • Destructive and potentially life threatening use of fire


The young person is in custodial care AND requires inpatient hospital treatment.

* It is not necessary that the referred young person should be facing criminal charges for these risk behaviours, but it is necessary that there should be reliable accounts available of such behaviour.

The referrer can give evidence that serious consideration, and testing where appropriate, of alternatives has already been tried prior to referral, indicating that the case has exceeded the ability of available mental health services to meet the need.

Summary Of The Financial Arrangement

Bluebird House is funded via National Specialist Commissioning.  Therefore, following an initial assessment fee, local commissioners are not responsible for meeting the ongoing funding costs of admission.

Responsibility for funding NHS or independent sector care for the young person will return to the responsible area when the young person is discharged from a national unit to another setting.

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Letter For Referrers  (In-Patient)

Referral Form  (In-Patient)

Authorisation For Funding Assessments  (In-Patient)

Letter For Referrers  (Community Forensic Risk Assessments)

Authorisation For Funding Assessments (Community Forensic Risk Assessments)

Patient Information Form For Referrals (Community Forensic Risk Assessments)

Bluebird House Information Leaflet

Make A Referral

Referrals should be made in writing to one of the following three Consultant Psychiatrists

  • Dr. Mayura Deshpande

    Consultant Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist & Clinical Service Director


  • Dr. Simon Hill

    Consultant Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist & Lead For Referrals


  • Dr. Oliver White

    Consultant Child & Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist

Bluebird House
Tatchbury Mount
SO40 2RZ

Telephone: 02380 874600
Safehaven Fax: 02380 874580