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The NHS Constitution

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The NHS Constitution sets out what staff, patients and the general public can expect from the NHS. It encourages us to work together and highlights that everyone plays a role in the success of the NHS. It’s important for you to know about your key rights as an NHS patient. The Constitution provides information on:

  • How you can access services

  • The quality of care you will receive

  • The treatments and programmes available to you

  • Confidentiality

  • Your right to complain if things go wrong

The Constitution was developed following consultation with staff, patients and the public, and can’t be changed in future without further consultation. 

You can download the Constitution document from the Department of Health website

NHS values help us to work together

The NHS values are something that all NHS Trusts and their staff will strive to follow. These values include:

  • Respect and dignity

  • Commitment to quality of care

  • Compassion

  • Improving lives

  • Working together for patients

  • Everyone counts

We also have our own Trust values which are tailored the needs of our local population.

Give your feedback – help us improve

Your feedback helps us know what we're doing well, and what we could do better. We listen closely to our patients, their carers and families as well as the general public to identify ways we can improve the services we provide. 

Contact our Complaints and Patient Experience Team to give your feedback. 

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