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Hampshire Joint Carers Strategy

On a national level, there has been significant attention paid to the role of carers and to the importance of supporting them, which is reflected in legislation and government policies. The Hampshire Joint Carers Strategy is focused on the specific needs of local carers, but also draws upon the national context to inform and develop strategic priorities.

This strategy has been written jointly with carers, health and social care professionals and the voluntary sector.

Two women - one woman using a mobillity scooter, andother walking alongside

The strategy sets out practical steps that social care and health organisations, with carers, will take over the next five years. The aim is to ensure that carers have good levels of health and wellbeing and are supported to maintain their caring relationships.

Our aims: 

  • Identify and recognise carers
  • Support carer health and wellbeing
  • Enable carers to have a life alongside caring

"Families and Carers have always been the backbone of the support for service users and patients receiving health services.  Without their endeavours both the health and social care system in England would have broken. 

It is therefore pleasing to see a Hampshire Joint Carers Strategy being prepared, agreed and signed up to by a wide ranging number of organisations from health, local government and the voluntary organisations.

Southern Health is one of those organisations which has signed up to the Strategy.

There have been many strategies written over the years for Carers but this one has brought together many of the public sector organisations in the county and committed them to a united approach. Importantly the Strategy was co-produced with organisations who have an understanding of the needs of Carers.

We are now moving onto the important implementation stage and Southern Health is committed to playing a full part. Our Carers and Families workplan sets out how we will be supporting the implementation of the strategy."

Adrian Thorne

Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Governor

Chair of Governors Carers Group and Patient Experience Group

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