Learning Disability Awareness Week 2021

Learning Disability Awareness Week 2021

mental health week.JPGFor Learning Disability Week 2021 we are keeping active and getting creative. 

Have a look at the video from our Southampton Service User Group: What does a learning disability mean to you? 

Learning Disability Awareness Week _Mile4aSmile.JPG#Mile4aSmile 

Exercising with friends is a great for your mental well-being. Join us in getting active to celebrate the week. Download your #Mile4aSmile Stickers

Getting CreativCreative2.jpg

Our service user groups have been creating posters to share with staff, local hospitals and the Ambulance Service thanking them for their hard work during the pandemic. 

wellbeing[1].jpgWell being Groups 

Find out more about wellbeing groups that take place in our inpatient services


Find out about a project that looked at the  experiences of people with Learning Disabilities using Health Services during Covid. 

information.jpgMore information 

Find out about other Health Related Information  

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