Transforming LD services

As a learning disability team, we want to make your health services better! The Transformation Programme has been set up to do this. 

It was set up after the two week-long workshops we held in early 2019. (At the workshops, we talked with our service users, carers, their families and NHS staff about how we could make improvements).

We will make your health services better by:

healthy eating LD.jpgHelping you to stay healthy.

We want to help you, your GP and the people who cook and care for you. We will share lots of information about healthy living, food and exercise.

care easier LD.pngMaking your care easier for you.

NHS workers will talk to social care workers more. Then everyone that cares for you will know what help you need. We will work together so that you don't have to come to so many meetings about the same thing.

faster LD.jpgGetting you help faster.

When your GP says we need to meet with you, it takes 28 days. We want this to only take 7 days.

right people LD.jpgSupporting other NHS teams, so they can give you the best care, tailored to you.

We want to have more people who can talk with you to help you stay healthy.

easy read LD.jpg

Telling everyone about the changes we are making.

We will have more 'easy read' information, so you understand what we are saying and doing.


Your carers can find out more information here

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