Recovery College Courses

Our courses are delivered online in virtual classrooms, on subjects related to mental health recovery and self-management. Our courses are centred on the common recovery terms of hope, agency and opportunity.

These courses are availble for the following:

  • Southern Health adult mental health (AMH) staff including older persons' mental health services and forensic services.
  • Service users of Southern Health's adult mental health, older persons' mental health, forensic, italk and Steps to Wellbeing services. 
  • Carers of people using the services above. 

We are also pleased to offer, to everyone, our 'Mental Health Recovery and Wellbeing' video collection which can be found on our Youtube channel. 

Before booking our courses

We ask all our students to watch these introductory videos before booking onto their first course with us. These videos give you basic knowledge of two of the key concepts of hope and recovery that underpin the courses that we offer.

Understanding recovery
Explore the concept of recovery in mental health and the main themes that arise.

Download the 'understanding recovery' worksheets and resources by clicking here.

Discovering hope
Gain an understanding of hope in the context of mental health recovery.

Download the 'discovering hope' worksheets and resources by clicking here.

Our courses

These courses build on the introductory videos, giving you a solid foundation of the principles of mental health recovery. You can complete the courses in any order.

Introduction to recovery – this course aims to introduce the social and mental health definition of recovery and see the positive ways that this mind-set can impact someone's journey.

Introduction to hope – Introduction to the concept of what hope is and where you might begin to look for it in your day-to-day life.

Introduction to self-belief – this course will introduce you to the term self-belief and explore why it’s important to recovery and how we can strengthen it.

Introduction to personal responsibility: it's my choice – taking personal responsibility can be the first step towards achieving personal freedom and regaining control in your life. This course will explore personal responsibility and the important part it plays in mental health recovery.

Introduction to self management – this course will explore what self-management means to you. It will equip you with theoretical and practical skills, to enable you to have more control over managing the challenges that you face in your life.

Introduction to self-advocacy – an introduction to the key concept of self-advocacy and how it can benefit a person's mental health recovery.

Introduction to acceptance – there are times in everyone’s life when we wish that things had worked out differently. Often, holding on to that idea can prevent us from moving forward. By increasing levels of acceptance, people are able to become ‘unstuck’, start to develop more meaningful lives and reach their full potential.

Introduction to understanding sleep – this course will allow you to explore some of the reasons that we may have trouble sleeping. It will help you to gain a basic understanding of how sleep works and then identify some tips to help with sleep problems.

Introduction to eating well for mental health – this course aims to introduce you to the concept of eating well and the role it has in supporting good mental health.

Introduction to building and strengthening a support network – this course aims to help you see the value of having a support network in your life, to bolster your recovery. It will also explore ideas about how to build that network and who to include in it.

These courses help you to gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts of recovery and self-management. Exploring physical and mental health subjects linked to well-being.

Understanding the concept of the 'wellness recovery action plan' (WRAP)  - this course will introduce students to the fundamental aspects of the self management tool wellness recovery action plan. Through practical application, students will explore the 5 key concepts, the wellness toolbox and action planning. It will provide an excellent foundation for any student wishing to go on and develop a full wellness recovery action plan. Students must have attended both the introduction to recovery and introduction to hope courses before applying for this course (previously titled 'what is this thing called recovery' and 'getting started with hope').

Connecting and overcoming isolation – this course aims to explore types of connection and prepare students to develop their own plan for better connections.

Making informed decisions – this course will introduce you to the concept of informed decision-making and the role it has to play in helping you, or the people you support, feel more empowered in your/their journey of recovery.

Creating environments to enhance wellness – the aim of the course is to explore simple and effective changes we can make to improve the environments we live and work in.

Understanding and managing emotions – this course will allow you to explore how different emotions impact on your wellbeing and the ways in which you can learn to live with them.

Advanced learning covering topics of risk, crisis management, self management tools and progressing into your wider communities.

More courses coming soon!

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