Recovery College Courses

Our courses are delivered online in virtual classrooms, on subjects related to mental health recovery and self-management. Our courses are centred on the common recovery terms of hope, agency and opportunity.

These courses are available for the following:

  • Southern Health adult mental health (AMH) staff including older persons' mental health services and forensic services.
  • Service users of Southern Health's adult mental health, older persons' mental health, forensic, italk and Steps to Wellbeing services. 
  • Carers of people using the services above. 

We are also pleased to offer, to everyone, our 'Mental Health Recovery and Wellbeing' video collection which can be found on our Youtube channel.

Before booking our courses

We ask all our students to watch these introductory videos before booking onto their first course with us. These videos give you basic knowledge of two of the key concepts of hope and recovery that underpin the courses that we offer.

Understanding recovery
Explore the concept of recovery in mental health and the main themes that arise.

Download the 'understanding recovery' worksheets and resources by clicking here.

Discovering hope
Gain an understanding of hope in the context of mental health recovery.

Download the 'discovering hope' worksheets and resources by clicking here.

Our courses

These courses build on the introductory videos, giving you a solid foundation of the principles of mental health recovery. You can complete the courses in any order.

Introduction to Recovery – this course aims to introduce the social and mental health definition of recovery and see the positive ways that this mind-set can impact someone's journey.

Introduction to Hope – this course will introduce you to the concept of hope, what it is and where you might begin to look for it in your day-to-day life.

Introduction to Self-Belief – this course will introduce you to the term self-belief and explore why it’s important to recovery and how we can strengthen it.

Introduction to Personal Responsibility: It's My Choice – taking personal responsibility can be the first step towards achieving personal freedom and regaining control in your life. This course will explore personal responsibility and the important part it plays in mental health recovery.

Introduction to Self-Management – this course will explore what self-management means to you and explore the important part it plays in mental health recovery. 

Introduction to Building and Strengthening a Support Network – this course aims to help you to see the value of having a support network in your life, to bolster your recovery. It will also explore ideas about how to build that network and who to include in it.

Introduction to Self-Advocacy – this course will introduce you to the key concept of self-advocacy and how it can benefit your mental health recovery.

Introduction to Acceptance – there are times in everyone’s life when we wish that things had worked out differently. Often, holding on to that idea can prevent us from moving forward. By increasing levels of acceptance, people are able to become ‘unstuck’, start to develop more meaningful lives and reach their full potential.

Introduction to Understanding Sleep – this course aims to explore the role of sleep and its’ effects on mental health.

Introduction to Understanding and Managing Emotions – this course will allow you to explore how different emotions impact on your wellbeing and the ways in which you can learn to live with them.

Introduction to Understanding and Managing Anxiety – this course will explore what anxiety is, what happens when we get anxious and ways we can try to manage it.

Introduction to Stress in Mental Health – this course explores what stress is, how it can affect us and ways we can manage it. You will learn coping mechanisms and practical ways of promoting good mental health.

Introduction to Understanding Depression – this course explores depression, one of the most common mental health conditions that can affect people of all ages. The course will be informed by those who have lived experience of depression and the impact it can have on day-to-day life.

Introduction to Understanding Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder – the aim of this course is to help you gain an understanding of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) and explore the myths and stigma surrounding it.

Introduction to Voice Hearing – the aim of this course is to help you understand more about voice hearing and explore strategies for managing the experience when it is distressing.

Introduction to Goal Setting for Your Recovery  this course will explore the benefits of goal setting for your recovery and learn a technique used to set meaningful goals.

Introduction to WRAP Seminar 1 – this course has been designed to introduce you to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). It will enable you to gain a basic understanding of WRAP and decide if the full WRAP Seminar 1 course will be helpful to you at this point in your journey. For more information about our WRAP Seminar 1 - 4 day course please refer to our prospectus or contact the college. 

These courses help you to gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts of recovery and self-management. Exploring physical and mental health subjects linked to well-being.

Making Hope a Reality – the aim of this course is to explore the role of hope in mental health recovery and how to break out of the cycle of hopelessness.

Making Informed Decisions – this course will introduce you to the concept of informed decision-making and the role it has to play in helping you, or the people you support, feel more empowered in your/their recovery journey.

Talking and Listening: It Works Both Ways – good communication is key to any successful relationship be it with your friends or family or in more formal or professional situations. This 3 day course aims to explore how people communicate and to appreciate the benefits of effective communication.

Creating Environments to Enhance Wellness – the aim of the course is to explore simple and effective changes we can make to improve the environments we live and work in.

Understanding and Managing Sleep – This course is a follow on from the Introduction to Sleep course. You will gain a greater understanding of lifestyle and environmental factors. The course will explore techniques and tools that can help you manage your sleep habits more effectively.

Coping with Voices  this course is a follow on from the 'Introduction to Voice Hearing' course and aims to explore the experience of voice hearing further. You will learn strategies for managing voice hearing and gain perspectives from others who experience voice hearing.

Why Sharing Your Story Matters  this course will introduce you to the idea of recovery storytelling, help you understand what it is and its benefits to you and others.

Connecting with Creativity – this 2 day course explores the connection between ourselves, our identity and the world around us through creativity. It will give you an opportunity to engage in a practical creative exercise and experience the potential benefits of creativity on your mental health.

WRAP Seminar 1 - Building a WRAP this 4 day classroom course will give you a basic understanding of WRAP and the key concepts that underpin it; Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self-Advocacy and Support. You will explore the different sections of a WRAP from a personal perspective, equipping you with the knowledge to build your own WRAP.

Advanced learning covering topics of risk, crisis management, self management tools and progressing into your wider communities.

Courses to follow in 2022

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