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These additional learning videos are a great source of information on subjects that will help with your recovery journey and self-management.

Alternatively you can check out our Padlet page for a whole range of different resources.

The Recovery College presents 'Managing your Wellbeing During COVID-19'.  Self management for the stress and uncertainty related to the Coronavirus pandemic'

The Recovery College presents an introduction to creative recovery. Exploring what creativity is and if it is for all of us.

The  Recovery College presents 'An Introduction to Anxiety'. This course explores what anxiety is and what happens when we get anxious. It explains the ways it can effect us and proposes some ways we can manage it.

Recovery College presents an Introduction to the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP). It explains the purpose of a WRAP and the sections that are included in it. 

This video is presented by Steve Lowis - one of the trainers at the SHFT Recovery College. He explores how to create a Wellness Toolbox - a section of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan which was created by Mary Ellen Copeland . Following the explanation, Steve talks through the wellness tools that he includes in his Wellness Toolbox. 

This video is a personal narrative from one of the trainers at the Recovery College - Sarah Richmond. In this video Sarah discusses how she developed a Wellness Toolbox, which is one of the fundamental aspects of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

In this online course we will look to raise awareness of the common nature of voice hearing. To explore the experience, and when it happens most and also to discuss strategies for managing the experience when it becomes distressing.

You can also download the workbook for this course below.

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