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“An evening with our West Hampshire Community Diabetes Team” event at Lymington New Forest Hospital on World Diabetes Day.

The Trust is holding an information event on Wednesday 14 November from 6.00pm-8.00pm, at Lymington New Forest Hospital.

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‘An evening with’ will be hosted by our local diabetes team, who offer a free service for people with diabetes that includes educational workshops, clinic appointments with specialists and a diabetes helpline. 

Sarah Woodman, diabetes specialist dietitian and Kelly Carden, diabetes nurse, will be leading the session to talk about the service the diabetes team offers, new technologies and outline ways the service helps people to manage their diabetes. The workshop will also include a popup stand on glucoheroes (diabetes links in community teams), a talk by Victoria Donoghue and local GP Dr Ian Glass on the West Hampshire Improving Shared Diabetes Outcome Measures (WISDOM) project as well as people with diabetes sharing their experiences.

Sarah said: “This event gives us the opportunity to talk with people living with diabetes, outlining the different support and education available to help them to self-manage the condition. Hosting it on World Diabetes Day is a great way to raise awareness of diabetes and generate interest in the service we offer at Southern Health. Almost 3.9 million people living in the UK have a diagnosis of diabetes, about 10% of which have type 1 diabetes, so having the time to show new technologies, talk about the local services available and the chance to ask professional’s questions/opinions will benefit many”.

Victoria Donoghue and Dr Ian Glass will be highlighting the impact of joint working between GPs and the diabetes teams within the WISDOM project and the positive effects this project has provided not only GP’s but patients too. Diabetes is a lifelong condition and having local services that are there to help and support people is vital and can really make a difference to their life.

If you or anyone you know have diabetes and would like to find out ways to self-manage or support, Sarah, Kelly, Victoria and Dr Ian Glass will be available to answer any of your questions.

Anyone is welcome to attend please book your seat as they are limited.  A place can be secured through Eventbrite – – or phone 02380 874 666 or you can email

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