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Star Awards 2017 - our winners!

670 nominations - 40 shortlisted finalists - 9 winners
On Friday evening (8 December) 250 members of staff, dressed in their finest, attended the Southampton Grand Harbour Hotel for this year’s Star Awards ceremony.  The Trust’s Chief Executive, Dr Nick Broughton, alongside our Chair, Lynne Hunt opened the presentation ceremony by congratulating every member of staff nominated and thanked all our staff, Trust-wide, for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. There were 40 shortlisted individuals and teams, nominated across 9 categories, all based on the Trust’s values and priorities.  Members of our Exec team invited each winner to the stage and presented them with their trophy.

star awards group shot web.jpg

We were privileged to have Steven Broomfield, a service user at Crowlin House, join us on the evening –  Steven not only helped to judge the Patients and People First Award, but presented the trophy to the winner on the evening.

A huge congratulations to everyone who received a nomination, to all of our finalists and to our nine winners. We would also like to say a huge thank to everyone who took part in celebrating their colleagues and nominated this year.

These awards go beyond the main ceremony, every nomination is a reflection of the passion, hard work and commitment that you provide to the people you support every day.  

Our winners are...

Quality Care

IT Training Team.jpg

Nominated by John Newell:

“The creativity and hard work that has gone into producing this in scarcely more than 6 months, in addition to continuing the day job, whilst designing new processes around it, at zero cost, with no measurable drop in quality, marks this team out as one that goes the extra mile, loves to create, and knows its business.”

Valuing People and Achievement

hollybank team.jpg

Nominated by Carol Barnard:

“I would like to nominate the team that I am very proud to be the manager of, Hollybank. This team with all its diversity and differences always works together to deliver the best care for the patients in the unit.  It is because we all have opinions and views on issues, but by allowing everyone to express their thoughts I believe ensures togetherness as a team. Every year Hollybank maintains high standards of patient care and receives excellent results, but 2016 / 2017 have been for Hollybank an amazing year.  Together we have achieved our Rehabilitation AIMS accreditation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The work involved for this was immense but as a team we took on this challenge, reviewing and updating all we do and thus improving the service we give our patients and carers.” 


Hampshire Liaison and Diversion Team.jpg

Nominated by Liz Read and Julie Philips:

“The Basingstoke Hampshire Liaison and Diversion Service is a new service to the Trust this year. The team went live in February 2017. The team work every day in both Basingstoke Police Custody and Basingstoke Magistrates Court and I believe that the relationships that the team have managed to build with the staff in both of these areas in such a short amount of time are fantastic. We have become embedded in the criminal justice pathway and the service users are benefitting from this greatly. HLDS are always trying to understand the bigger picture about what is going on for services users when they are in the criminal justice system, and strive to help them to get their needs met by working closely with CAMHS, adult mental health teams, learning disability services, forensic services, veterans services, drug and alcohol services, charities, and more, on a daily basis.”


katy gold.jpg

nominated by Jamie Hawthorne

“Katy is a flexible and encouraging team lead and has supported and developed some of our new ideas and initiatives, such as allowing us and assisting with the commencing of a new amputee rehabilitation exercise group. Katy has lead the way in ensuring that the triage processes of therapy referrals is both detailed enough and structured so that outcomes are improved in all aspects. Katy is in so many ways an excellent team lead for the therapy team, demonstrating flexibility, purpose, approach-ability and also a real understanding of the real world clinical practice we face every day.”

Patients and People First

Heart Failure Team.jpg

Nominated by a member of the public:

“They provide excellent help and support to my husband and I. They are all patient and kind. Whenever we have a concern. There is always someone there to offer support and advice.”

Respecting Others

Florence Chihowa.jpg

Nominated by Laura Pemberton:

“Florence is the ward manager of the female ward in Southfield low secure unit. We are nominating Florence for this award for a number of reasons, but in particular her ability to continually engage, develop and drive forward care with the service user and carers at the heart of what she is doing. Over the last year Florence has undertaken work to improve the communication, liaison and support for the service users and their families. She has engaged with carer's by phoning them and exploring what the team can do to help support and engage with the family in a meaningful way. This has resulted in bespoke care plans for each service user and their families. Florence has championed the message that even though we might not be able to share confidential information about our service user, we can still provide support to the family.”

Delivering Value for Money

Andover Wound Clinic.jpg

Nominated by Lisa Rice:

“The Andover Wound Clinic are passionate about high quality care and standards and achieving the best results for the patient. They have embraced the new Leg Ulcer Pathway which was launched in May in the trust and have changed the management of patients with venous and mixed aetiology ulcers from bulky, expensive compression bandages to the hosiery kits which has significantly reduced costs on wound care products it has also reduced visits and given patients an improved quality of life. The patient stories I have heard today in clinic are so compelling and patients are overjoyed that that have a high standard of care and their life has improved, they can get normal shoes on and feel their legs are not so hot and bulky. An extra benefit has been shorter clinical visits which has increased the team’s productivity and effectiveness. I am so proud of this team and the transformation they continue to make to these patients lives.”

Lifetime Achievement

Pamela Grocock.jpg

Nominated by multiple nominators:

“Pamela Grocock completed her Physiotherapy training in her native New Zealand. Pamela arrived in the UK in 1978 and first began working for the NHS at St Marys Hospital Portsmouth, working on the stroke wards, ICU and SCBU for 5 years. Pamela commenced her MSK career with a part time job at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in 1984. Following this Pamela was asked to set up a health centre based physiotherapy service in Portchester. Here she remained until her current job.Pamela has worked as a band 7 team leader for the Physiotherapy Out-patient team at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital since 2010.I have had the pleasure of working in her team since this date.Pamela is a fantastic team lead who works fairly, enthusiastically and passionately. Pamela is well respected by her team and patients, always managing to juggle her clinical and managerial roles without compromise.Pamela has always fought to do the best for her team and never shies from fighting a cause she believes in.”

Chair and Chief Executive Exceptional Individual

Charlotte Bye 4 web.jpg

Nominated by Dean Garrett:

“Charlotte Bye is an exceptional nurse, service lead and colleague who has a seemingly limitless determination to improve services, find solutions and promote the role of nursing and its possibilities. In February SHFT took over responsibility for managing The Practice at Lymington - effectively a branch surgery for 7 local surgeries - open at evenings and weekends. Whilst the previous providers had employed a practice nurse to provide capacity they had not achieved their goal and there was zero nursing available on day 1. Charlotte immediately spotted the opportunity and arranged training in managing minor ailments for MIU staff. In addition to her amazing dedication and success at work Charlotte is studying for a Masters degree and raising 5 children. She is an inspiration and this is what makes Charlotte an exceptional person and a deserving candidate for this award.”