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#EndPJParalysis launches

Today the Trust has launched its End PJ Paralysis campaign which encourages patients to wear their day clothes whilst in hospital, rather than pyjamas or gowns. 
Get up get dressed web.png

Did you know? 

• 10 days of bed rest in hospital leads to the equivalent of 10 years ageing in the muscles of people over 80 years old

• Just 24 hours of bed rest can reduce your muscle power of 2.5% not just arms and legs but also heart and lungs

• When in hospital, older adults can quickly loose mobility and ability to complete everyday tasks such as washing and dressing

At Southern Health we want our patients to spend their time how they choose whilst also feeling empowered to be involved in their plans to go home. That is why we are joining the national #endPJparalysis campaign. 

We want our patients to Get up, Get dressed and Get moving whenever they possibly can because we know that even the small act of getting up and dressed has a huge positive effect.  

Getting up and dressed rather than spending their days in hospital gowns or pyjamas has the following positive effects: 

• Enhances dignity, autonomy and, in many instances, shortens the time they might spend in hospital.

• Has been shown to reduce falls and improve patient experience by maintaining a normal routine.

To support with the campaign we are asking patients and relatives who are coming into hospital to ensure they bring in day clothes, well-fitting shoes or slippers and any Glasses or mobility aids they might need. This will help encourage them to get up, get dressed and get moving. 

We are also encouraging our patients and their families to ask staff 4 key questions to understand Why not home?, Why not today?  and what they can do to help get home as timely as possible and that the right plans are in place to support this to happen, these are:

  • Why am I in hospital?
  • What is going to happen today to help me get home?
  • What do I or my family need to do to help me get home?
  • When is this going to happen?

I would like to:

visit the national PJ Paralysis website

download the PJ Paralysis posters: Poster 1 // Poster 2