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Diabetes Service gets nomination for HSJ Value Award

The West Hampshire Community Diabetes Service have been recognised for improving value to their patients, through better diabetes care. The HSJ Value Awards 2018 has shortlisted the team and they are delighted with the recognition of their hard work.

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Sarah Woodman, the Diabetes Service manager said; “We are thrilled to have been shortlisted, the team have worked so hard to ensure our patients have the best possible service and access to the skills and knowledge they need, to achieve their individual goals.”

The team covers a population of 25,000 diabetes patients and each year supports approximately 8,500 patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Across a variety of community locations, they deliver group education for those newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, intensive education for people with type 1 diabetes and a variety of workshops designed to give people skills and knowledge to better understand and manage their diabetes, for example ‘Carbohydrate and Insulin’ workshops. The consultants, specialist nurses and dietitians in the team hold specialist clinical caseloads and deliver education and support to community and primary care colleagues. They also operate a telephone helpdesk, email advice and virtual clinics.

Sarah explains; “We have a reputation for innovation and we continually strive to develop new partnerships and ways of working to help people with diabetes live the lives they wish.”

Patients have also given plenty of positive feedback;

“The staff are incredible and are always there to help. I don’t know where I would be without them”

“I would go to the moon to see you”

“What you showed and the way you explained this has literally changed my life and both my wife and I are eternally grateful.”

Some examples of how the team have improved diabetes care in West Hampshire include;

  • Working with the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’sResearch and Development department to build a culture of diabetes research in the trust and to build the capability to deliver it.In just two years they now recruit the second largest number of participants into diabetes clinical research in Wessex.

  • Working with colleagues in Mental Health (patients in psychiatric units have a high prevalence of diabetes). The team have implemented a diabetes in-reach service to Ravenswood House Medium Secure Unit allowing high quality specialist care to be delivered on site, saving the need for patients to travel to hospital, offering a time and cost saving to the service.

  • The team has established and coordinated a network of over 70 ‘Glucoheroes’ who link the workplace and specialist diabetes teams, attending trainings, standardising diabetes information, undertaking audits and service improvements in their places of work.

Paula Hull, Executive Director of Operations for Southern Health, was also very pleased for the team’s recognition; “When I go to visit the Diabetes team I always know I will leave feeling energised. Working with people and their families to improve how they provide their service is incredible.  I am very proud of what patients, families and the team have achieved together.”

The winners of the HSJ Value Award will be announced later in the year – we all have our fingers crossed and wish the West Hampshire Diabetes service, every success!


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